Kristal (fathfulonly2him) wrote in tofollowhiscall,

Jesus's Death

Why did Jesus have to die?

The Problem

We have all done things that are wrong, and we have failed to obey God's laws. Because of this, we have been separated from God our Creator and sentenced to death. By ourselves we can do nothing to become reunited with God.

Why Jesus Could Help

Jesus was not only a man, he was God's unique Son. Because Jesus never disobeyed God and never sinned, only he can bridge the gap between the sinless God and sinful humanity.

The Solution

Jesus freely offered his life for us, dying on the cross in our place, taking all our wrongdoing upon himself, and saving us from the consequences of sin---including God's Judgment and death. God in his love and his justice sent Jesus to take our place.

The Results

Jesus took our past, present, and future sins upon himself so that we could have new life. Because all our wrongdoing is forgiven, we are reconciled to God. Furthermore, Jesus' resurrection from the dead is the proof that his sacrifice on the cross in our place was acceptable to God, and his resurrection has become the source of new life for those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. All who believe in him may have new life and live it in union with him.
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