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Does life have any purpose? or Are you just 'chasing the wind' in terms of living for God? Does each day feel routine? How many feel like, "I love God and I want to serve Him, but I also want to be earthly loved and enjoy certain habits and friends I used too"? Can't I just do both? Am I angry that God loves all the people that can do the same things that I want to do? How come I have been called to live a more Godly life and I have to do this, but they are still children of God?

We do these things to please God. What Satan loves to do is to make you look away from God, and when one does he backs out of holy fellowship with God. Such as with the above questions. He tries so hard for me to focus my attention on others with a how come, why, I want to serve God in that way, why why why.........blah! ETC!

To fully serve and walk with God, we must remember:

Matthew 6:33 KJV

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

God doesn't tell us to go and change ourselves, go get us straight, or fix this or that. He doesn't even say, "Go, focus on You" But, rather He says GO TO HIM. He says go to Him! He already knew who you were; a sinner; evil swine. It didn't matter to Him, he sent Jesus to shed His blood on Calvary so that YOU could come to repentance and be holy in His sight. He wants You! His message of salvation is for all. Smokers, Alcholics, Homosexuals, Liers, Thiefs, Murders, etc. He didn't come for the rightous, the holy, or the perfect. So if you are rightous, holy, or perfect; the message of salvation is not for you. However, God said He sent His Son for all; All means everybody! So, no one is rightous, holy, or perfect.
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